Saturday, 8 December 2012

Winter collection for the body..

As the winter months approach and the nights get colder, one thing we always notice is the condition of our skin. With the heating on full and the cold christmas breeze, it is apparent that our skin will lose its moisture, making it looked cracked, dull and flaky. Im going to share with you a few moisturisers that i tend to use morning and night to keep myself hydrated throughout the holidays.
One of my all time favourite moisturiser brands to use is Soap and Glory. I find their products work amazing and the best part has to be the scent, not to mention the humorous packaging! Whats great about their products is they are a great essential gift as they come already packaged without the need to fork out loads of dolla!
At night time, i tend to use a rich lotion to allow it to absorb overnight. For this i use trusty Palmer's Cocoa Butter, as this is a great great moisturiser although it's one of those where you've got to dance around your bedroom for half hour before you can get dressed. And just to warn you, you will want to eat yourself after applying this; the smell is just THAT good!
For a cheap moisturiser, there is nothin better than Garnier! Garnier products are great lotions for those who have little time on their hands as they absorb so quickly! I also love their lotions with a hint of self tan as this is great for the winter months!
For multi-purpose products, there is nothing better than Elle McPherson's range The Body. Their firming lotion absorbs deep into the skin whilst tightening and making your skin look radiant. They smell so clean and fresh too, it's great!
Other moisturising ranges i'm obsessed with:
- Clarins
- No7
- E45
- Liz Earle

The next review will be my favourite Self Tanners..
'till next time lovelies xo

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